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Anatolian Rugs Series – I

Each Anatolian rug is a distinct visual feast that tells a unique story from the past.

The vintage Anatolian rugs, also referred to as Turkish rugs, are always held in high esteem by interior designers for a reason. Anatolian rugs are tremendously versatile and elegantly tie disparate elements of decor together. These delicately distinguished rugs boast larger scale design patterns which are perfect for combining with softer or pastel colors to create contrast and balance in any space.

Anatolian rugs are an artwork that are remarkably timely and never go out of style. Apart from their beauty and complex design patterns and naturally-dyed colors; they tell ancient stories. These stories date back to ancient times and influenced by diverse nomadic tribes who put down roots at Anatolia for centuries. The stories are usually those that the creators, generally women, want to tell. Look for the story in a Turkish rug so you can understand its significance.

Turkish Rugs: Handmade, High-quality Materials with Genuine Tribal Characters

Just to make things clear before we move on/dig deeper, what we call Turkish carpet or rug in this article is a handmade piece that have a genuine tribal character, and made of only natural of dyes, quality materials in Turkey.

Original Anatolian rugs are made from only the most high-quality materials. Hand-spun wool and silk are much more valuable than cotton or wool-cotton combinations. You will notice a difference between a silk rug and a cotton rug immediately.

The styles of Turkish rugs vary widely. Among the most famous types of Turkish rugs: Oushak, Ghiordes, Kulah, Bergama, Ladik.

The styles of Turkish rugs vary widely. Among the most famous types of Turkish rugs are Oushak, Ghiordes, Kulah, Bergama, Ladik.

Oushak rugs, for example, it is originated in Turkey, and thus named after the city of Usak, Turkey, in western Anatolia. Oushaks are very popular carpets and considered to be some of the finest of oriental area rugs. decorative room-sized carpets that are revered, above all else, for their soft pastel-coloration.

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