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Roja’s one of a kind rugs are installed these beatiful rooms. Maybe the next will be yours.


The Art of Jalal Sepehr: Stunning and Thought-provoking
Photographs With Persian Rugs

Our recent art discovery is a self-taught photographer Jalal Sepehr who is creating stunning and thought-provoking photographs with Persian rugs. Tehran native Sepehr took up photograph while he was living in Japan. 

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Turkey’s Carpet-making Tradition: Colorful Hand-made Carpet Fields

Thousands of hand knotted Turkish carpets laying in fields as part of a coloring process that requires exposure to the sun. Workers put on fields more than 40,000 of carpets to soften their colours, to become more pastel under the sun in Döşemealtı village.

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At Roja Rugs, we know the value of artisanal work conferring authenticity to rugs. We are charmed by the fascinating beauty of handmade rugs and their creators who are highly skilled artisans.

Rug Cleaning and Repair

A little care goes a long way in keeping your handmade rug in prime condition.

Custom Handmade Rug Design

We can create the handmade rug of your dreams with the most beautiful wool and/or silk.

Working With Interior Designers

Roja Rugs is the premier source of fine rugs in Marin County for customers and designers.

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