Turkey’s Carpet Making Tradition: Colorful Hand-made Carpet Fields

Thousands of hand knotted Turkish carpets laying in fields as part of a coloring process that requires exposure to the sun. Workers put on fields more than 40,000 of carpets to soften their colours, to become more pastel under the sun in Döşemealtı village. 

Döşemealtı, a district famous for production of handmade carpets, is full of carpet fields throughout summer time. Restorers rent the fields from local farmers after they finish harvest in May. Carpet owners, including companies reselling them after restoration, send carpets and rugs from all around Turkey.

The carpets and rugs carefully washed in sterile pools in order to cleaned before a burning process to shorten protruding threads. The cleaned carpets and rugs transported to the fields by the local people and spread out. The amount of exposure to sun varies depending on the color of the carpet, light ones take a shorter time while those with darker colors require sunlight for a longer time.

Most of the local people use weaving as a source of livelihood. The rugs are washed, dried and dusted, and then laid out in the sun, mostly by women or teenage boys working collectively. 

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