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The art of Jalal Sepehr: Stunning and Thought-provoking Photographs By Using Persian Rugs

Our recent art discovery is a self-taught photographer Jalal Sepehr who is creating stunning and thought-provoking photographs by using Persian rugs. Tehran native Sepehr took up photography while he was living in Japan, 1994. After spending some time as an industrial and advertising photographer, he sets his career as a fine art photographer in Iran and participates in tens of exhibitions both national and international.

We come to know Sepehr’s art through his series Red Zone, 2015 by which artists comment on the ever-present war bells, political unrests, civil wars that thrust upon the Middle East. At the center of each image lays a road paved with Persian rugs, one of our personal favorites.

Not only in Red Zone but also in Sepehr’s earlier works “ Knot” and “ Water and Persian Rugs”, rugs are one of the main elements in the making of meaning. Both series encapsulate the notion of conflict and space between traditional and everyday life.  “What inspired me to take these photos was creating new moments, contrasts and diversity in which the rugs float and dance in the water”

However, rugs and carpets are domestic materials as beautiful floor coverings and in that invokes in the viewer a sense of home, intimacy, and hospitality, in Red Zone, Sepehr uses them in a way that will challenge its traditional connotations. Looking at Red Zone, the viewer is invited to take the red road with various obstacles – a sandstorm, a massive wall, a plane, and even a black hole.

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