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The Art of Jason Seife: Reclaiming Persian Rug Heritage

Miami based artist Jason Seife is a former graphic designer who has worked with big names in the music industry such as Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Pharrell Williams. However, he decides to take up a career in painting and in doing so, he has become one of the most fascinating and noteworthy artists for us, who weaves past and present, collective and personal through his practice.

First time we have found about Jason Seife was a year ago after his terrific solo show “Writing on the Walls” at Montoro 12 Contemporary, Brussels in 2018. At the very instance/first glance, we have taken by the enormous labor he must have put into these works as well as by the precise patterns and meticulous motifs he has brilliantly drawn.

Having spent some time in the Middle East during his childhood, Jason Seife revives the culture of Persian rugs by painting the ornate patterns and motifs that can be found throughout the region. What we admire most is that the authenticity of Seife’s art that comes not only because of the ways in which Seife re-contextualizes the ancient rug weaving and crafting but also comes from the very personal touch that is embedded in each work.

Seife uses his art as a means to connect Persian rug heritage and his state of mind. Thus, along with the historic and traditional elements each work of art is formed by the artist’s own spiritual history. To do so, Seife uses colors that are not particularly practiced in traditional culture but the ones that reflect his personal aesthetics.

It was really important to me as an artist and someone with middle eastern background to go back, and use that as a base to make it my own and also understanding the roots.

We obviously fall in love with Seife’s laborious works of art at Roja Rugs because of the ways in which he intersects collective and personal, past and present elements just as it can be traced in the ancient culture of rug weaving and crafting.

If you are amazed by his works as much as we are, check out his Instagram page.

Also he has a new show coming up on September!

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