If your current interior design is just blah and you want to make it really pop, consider adding a custom-made rug or two. But once you’ve decided to accent your home with luxury rugs in Mill Valley, now the hard part begins – especially if you don’t have an eye for design. That’s where our interior design consultants come in. They can help you choose the best rugs to complement your space.

In the meantime, follow these five tips for decorating your home with luxury custom-made rugs.

1.    Define Your Space

Understand the space you are working with. Perhaps you have an open concept layout, or maybe you have several smaller rooms pieced together. Each circumstance is different and will require a different approach. For example, with an open concept layout, you can strategically place a custom rug to clearly define the living room and separate it visually from the dining areas.

When selecting the perfect rug for the space, pull colors from the rest of the room, preferably not dominant colors. Choose an understated color from your décor and make sure that’s the main color component of your new rug. This will draw the eye in a visually pleasing way.

2.    Consider Arrangement

Next, you need to know how to arrange your luxury custom rug so it gets the attention it deserves. An improperly positioned area rug can detract from the aesthetics of the space. The right blend of room-sized carpets for your sitting or dining rooms, offset by long runners in your hallways and kitchens, can create a sense of order and offer an appealing visual trail.

For modern or contemporary home designs, use richly-patterned rugs to warm up the areas and inject some personality. Position the front legs of sofas and chairs on the rug to anchor the furnishings for a more harmonious look.

When adding a rug underneath your dining room table, it should be large enough so that people can pull out their chairs without dragging on the edges. If adding a rug to your bedroom, put one large rug under the bed or add several smaller rugs throughout the room.

3.    Choose Colors and Patterns

Your home is a reflection of your personality, so it makes sense that you should select patterns and colors that complement that. Thankfully, luxury custom rugs come in a rainbow of colors, styles, and patterns, so it shouldn’t be too hard to choose one that suits you and your décor.

From modern and classic, to bright and muted, to busy and simple, embrace the journey of discovering the perfect rug for the spaces in your home. As a general rule, you should select complementary patterns and colors that align with the colors and patterns already present in the room.

When attempting to match existing furniture, bring samples of drapery or furnishing fabric to the rug store. Also, keep in mind that dark colors in a rug make rooms feel smaller, yet light colors make the room appear larger.

For dining rooms, use formal and sophisticated designs with low-contrast color schemes, and bolder and brighter patterns for less formal, more high-traffic rooms.

4.    Incorporate Multiple Rugs

Spacious living rooms can appear cold and impersonal. Adding just one large rug can overwhelm the space and add to the impersonality. In this case, you may want to incorporate several rugs but don’t just scatter them about. Think about how you use the space, and how a luxury rug may be able to enrich the room without being too overbearing. Take measurements before buying rugs. You don’t want to add a rug that’s excessively large or too small.

5.    Consider the Focus of the Room

If you have decided that the custom rug will be the focal point of the room, you will have to strategically arrange the rest of the space around that focal point. If you’re just moving in and the space is open, choose the rug first, then choose all the furnishings, draperies, and other accents to match the colors and patterns of the rug. If the room is already furnished, do the opposite. Choose colors and patterns from your furnishings and select a rug with those in mind.

We hope the above tips have been helpful as you decorate your home with luxury custom-made rugs.

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