When decorating your home, whether as part of a renovation or new construction, bringing in accent pieces such as area rugs is an essential part of the home décor process. But while you may understand the beauty they bring to the overall design of each room, you may be at a loss as to how to choose the best one for your needs.

While there is no absolute wrong in this process, choosing the imperfect size, pattern, color, or style could result in an unbalanced, lackluster space. The perfect area rug will add depth, balance, texture, and aesthetic appeal to any room of your home. There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all solution; every situation is different but to combine that to your own taste and visions, we are talking about a totally unique situation for everyone.  To help you, it’s wise to consult Roja Rugs’ experienced interior design consultants who can bring their eye for design, spatial awareness, and interior décor to the space.

Having said all these, however, anyone with a keen eye for interior design can follow these few simple steps to achieve the best result. Our in-house interior design consultants are always here to assist you in every step of the way.

Get the Appropriate Size

In general, bigger is better, but always keep the size of the room in mind. While some like to cover as much of their rooms as possible with area rugs and some others prefer simply a small decorative accent piece, conventional wisdom says to cover about 85% of your room with area rugs, leaving about 1.5 to 2 feet margin around the room. Bear in mind , however, standard handmade rugs’ sizes don’t always follow our rooms, so unless you like to have a Roja Rugs bespoke custom rug made, you may have to deviate slightly from these rules.

When selecting the proper rug size, make sure to anchor the rug to the surrounding furnishings. This will help to direct the eye to your seating area, which should be the focal point of the room. This will also ensure all the pieces will fit together, both visually and spatially. Start by measuring the room in question as well as each piece of furniture. Then, you will have an easier time in determining the right size rug.

Furniture Placement

Next, consider the placement of the furniture on your rug, which will help to group couches, chairs, coffee tables, and side tables into one cohesive unit. You can place the front legs of the couch and chairs over the area rug, or you can place the furniture completely on the rug. Play around with both options to see which looks best. This will lead to the creation of a well-defined area within your home.

If you have a large room with lots of vertical volume as well as oversized furniture, choose a large rug to physically define or zone a group seating area. You can actually apply the same principle to a small room. Let’s say you have a reading nook. Make sure all elements (chair, table, and lamp) can fit on the rug to give a cozy feeling and help anchor the space.

Add a Pop of Color

The right area rug will give an instant facelift to your room. In addition to color, consider texture as well so all elements work as one. You have options here, such as layering a textured rug on top of your wall to wall carpet. You can instantly freshen the room without having to remodel or make major changes.

In terms of color, choose an area rug that has the dominant color of the room and furnishings in it. Just make sure the whole rug isn’t overpowered with that one color. It should just contain a hint of the dominant room color. Your surrounding furniture, throw pillows, and blankets will do the rest of the work to pull the whole look together. In essence, your furniture should look distinct from the rug, rather than get lost in it.

Be Mindful of the Room Function

Even historically speaking, not all rugs were intended for wide range of uses. Many rugs are very attractive in the showroom, but are they proper choice for your particular space? A plain, light colored rug may not be the best choice for kitchen area, or a 100 year old thread-bear antique rug may not do well in a high traffic area of the house or a thin, flatweave rug may not give you the cushiony feedback you like if you are planning to lay down  or do you you daily yoga routine on it.

Schedule a Consultation With Roja Rugs’ Interior Designers

Not sure how to go about choosing the best area rug for your home? No worries. Our interior design consultants can assist you, as we are the area’s premier authority on interior design. Please contact us to book a consult and quote today from Roja Rugs, where we bring you the finest area rugs for sale throughout Marin County.