If you have recently purchased a custom-made rug, or you’re considering a future purchase, you may wonder how easy these rugs are to clean and care for. This is a valid concern, as custom rugs don’t come with the same care instructions as wall-to-wall carpet or mass-produced areas rugs from the department store.

In general, they require more careful maintenance so as to preserve their unique characteristics and fibers.

Custom area rugs come in a wide variety of contemporary designs, shapes and colors, usually classified as hand-tufted or hooked rugs, or assembled component rugs. These elegant one-of-a-kind rugs aren’t cheap to own but they add an unmistakable elegance and opulence to any room they are placed in.

They do pose a challenge, though, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them. If you don’t follow proper cleaning procedures, you can unwittingly cause damage.

Common Results of Improper Cleaning

The two most common problems that occur with improper cleaning of handmade area rugs include shrinkage and rippling, particularly with assembled component custom rugs. Shrinkage and rippling are always a risk for rugs that have different components joined together, in particular.

Many high-quality area rugs can also soften up when heat or cleaning solutions are applied. Other rugs may undergo size and texture distortion thanks to a looser construction. The dyes used in custom rugs can be quite unstable, resulting in color bleeding or loss when cleaned in a standard manner.

This is why special procedures are necessary in order to safely and effectively clean your custom rugs. In fact, custom rugs should only be cleaned by professional rug cleaning services.

If you have an excessively soiled rug, you may need to engage in more intense cleaning to restore its former luster. But if you scrub too hard or use aggressive chemicals, you can do a lot of damage. Before your custom rugs get to this point, make sure to vacuum and clean them regularly.

Take Care When Vacuuming

While regular vacuuming is a must, be careful how you go about it. Refrain from using the beater bar of the vacuum. Instead, use a lower setting (the one you use for hardwood floors), use the attachment or use your central vac. In any case, switch off the motorized beater bar to prevent the scraping effect. Don’t forget to vacuum unexposed parts of the rug that extend under sofas or beds. This will ensure more even cleaning and will also prevent potential moth damage.

If you have a reversible rug, vacuum both sides to remove grit and grime that can cause premature wear. Do not vacuum fringe because those fibers can become tangled in the unit. This is yet another reason not to use a beater bar.

If you own a long-haired custom rug, even more special care needs to be taken. Vacuuming it can damage and pull at the threads, so refrain from this. Use a damp cloth and mild detergent to spot clean, or hire a professional to clean it.

Address Spills Right Away

Of course, it’s best to avoid spills in the first place, but we understand accidents happen, especially when you have guests over for a party, or you have kids and pets running around.  When spills do occur, use a paper towel or clean rag to blot them gently. Then, spray water or club soda on the affected area and blot again. For pet urine stains, spray white vinegar which breaks down the enzymes causing the foul odor.

If you can’t get the stain or odor out, hire someone skilled in rug repair and cleaning.

Clean As Needed

Get your custom area rugs in Marin County cleaned when needed, usually every five years. If you don’t, the dirt will grind into the fibers and cause damage. Get them cleaned more frequently if the rug is located in a high-traffic area. Do not attempt to dry clean or steam clean your handmade custom rugs. Instead, they must be washed by a professional skilled in this area – not a traditional wall-to-wall carpet cleaning company. Look for someone who specializes in cleaning fine, handmade rugs.

Rotate Your Rugs

This falls under the maintenance category. To ensure even wear and fading, be sure to rotate your rug every so often. You can double the lifespan of your rug when you do this every six to 12 months.

Call Us For Custom Rug Care Instructions

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