We can make an exquisite handmade rug from any design you have in any size, shape, color combination, finish and texture. Bring us your drawings, ideas, significant pattern or logo and we can make in to a masterpiece worthy of your home or office. Memorialize your kids’ artwork forever with an area rug in their room.

Let our design team assist you every step of the way.

Our custom-made rugs offer numerous advantages. They allow our clients to have a unique and personalized piece that perfectly complements their interior décor. These rugs can be tailored to fit specific spaces, ensuring a precise fit and optimal functionality. In addition to that our custom rugs provide an opportunity for creativity, enabling customers to showcase their individual style and express their personality through their choice of design and colors.

Construction: Handmade, Handwoven, Hand Knotted
Materials: Pile: Wool, Silk, Jute, Alpaca Fleece, Bamboo Fiber,  Dyes: Natural Dyes
In Your Choice of Size, Shape And Color Combinations