Lavar (Ravar) region in the Central plateaus of Iran, historically produces some of the finest rugs, with the highest level of intricacy.  Using handspun  sheep wool and locally sourced natural dyes gave these rugs looks and feel paralleled to none other. Think rich maroon, deep sage, warm beige, and opulent navy with injections of ink black. The aforementioned colors are often used throughout all traditional rug designs, and with ornate patterns, come together to form one of the most luxurious floor coverings on the market.

Roja Exclusive Lavar Kirman collection has captured the best of what these rugs were all about. Handwoven in Northern Pakistan, these rugs have brought to life what put ancient Lavar rugs on the map for the American consumers and area rug collectors alike.

Construction: Handmade; Hand Knotted
Materials: Fine Wool, Natural Dyes
Shape: Rectangular
Measurements: 9’1″x12’2″

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