Traditional rugs typically draw inspiration from either Oriental and Persian patterns or European and Victorian styles. These types of rugs are often described as ornate and intricate in both markings and color. More often than not, designs take the form of floral arrangements, central medallions boasting diamond or octagonal shapes, or other intricate patterns synonymous with these eras. Whether the rug has a symmetrical pattern or not, the perfect execution of the overall design speaks of the work that has been done by professional rug weavers. With such stately and sophisticated connotations, the color palette of traditional rugs is often pre-defined to reflect this.

Think rich maroon, deep sage, warm beige, and opulent navy with injections of ink black. The aforementioned colors are often used throughout all traditional rug designs, and with ornate patterns, come together to form one of the most luxurious floor coverings on the market.

Construction: Handmade; Hand Knotted
Materials: Fine Wool, Natural Dyes
Shape: Rectangular
Measurements:  5’11″x9’4″

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