Inspired by the the original Khotan rugs that were made in the Kingdom of Khotan.  Khotan was an Buddhist kingdom with ties to the ancient Afghanistan and Iran .  This was also a branch of the famous Silk Road that ran along the south of the Taklamakan (Taklimakan) Desert, now known as modern Xinjiang of Western China. Save and except some minor detail it is readily apparent that Khotan rugs and Samarkand rugs have common roots. Since the 17th century this area has been producing beautiful carpets and peaking in the 18th and 19th centuries. These rugs are characterized by geometric and abstract drawings with soft or rich color palettes.

Construction: Handmade; Hand Knotted
Materials: Fine Wool, Natural Dyes
Shape: Rectangular
Measurements: 9’9″x13’7″

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