A good rug pad under your area rugs will enhance their feel, prevent them from dangerous slipping and or bunch-ups under your feet, and protects them from premature and unwanted wear.

At Roja Rugs we only recommend and use Ultrasure rug pads, the goldstar of the industry. Ultrasure rug pads are made of bi-product fused specially formulated rubber and felt like material that are uniquely beneficial on any type of hard surface floor as well as all carpeted floors.

We strongly recommend the use of Ultrasure rug pads with all your rugs. As well, we recommend replacing your rug pads every four years, or after every other wash, whichever is sooner.

Seemingly similar or sub-standard products and incorrect types of padding that are primarily made for carpeting must be avoided as they could further damage your fine handmade rugs and/or result in injuries from skidding, slipping and fall.

For maximum effectiveness rug pads must be specially fitted to every individual rug. At Roja Rugs we offer custom fit rug pads to your specs.  We also offer delivery and placement of rugs pads. Please order your Ultrasure rug pads online.

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