These gorgeous wool and silk area rugs are made in small town of Nain outskirt of the infamous city of “Isfahan” . Isfahan is a place in Iran with the Zagros mountains on the left and the desert on the right. These highly sought after rugs are constructed with a high knot count and made with a wide palette of bold colors. Typically, these rugs are very symmetrical and balanced, featuring everything from geometrics, medallions to the tree of life. Being so influence by the larger city of Isfahan, Nain rugs are made exclusively in Isfahan style in term of design and workmanship. These rugs are made of Fine wool and silk pile on silk foundation.

Construction: Handmade; Hand Knotted
Materials: Fine Wool and Silk, Natural Dyes
Shape: Rectangular
Measurements: 4’4″x7′

Price:  $8250 (-25%)