More often than not, people think of cleaning their area rugs professionally when there are visible stains on them. However, your area rug gets a lot of use and foot traffic on a daily basis. As well, wool rugs tend absorb dust and other pollutants by filtering the surrounding air. As a result lots of dust collects at the base of your rugs’ pile and over time acts as abrasive material against them. In some cases tiny bugs and dust mites can infest on or underneath your rugs, nibbling on their fiber as food. Neglecting proper and timely care now can lead to expensive repairs later, not to mention a decrease in their lifespan and aesthetic appearance. After all, you bought the rug in the first place because you enjoyed looking at its swirls, patterns, and rich colors.

Professionally cleaning your rugs offers numerous benefits that can enhance the appearance, longevity, and overall health of your rugs and home environment. Here are some compelling reasons to opt for professional rug cleaning:

The very things you love about your area rug can get muted over the years due to disrepair, dirt, stains, and more. Spot cleaning or vacuuming once in a while isn’t going to do the trick.  Roja Rugs’ professional area rug cleaning service is your one stop all-around rugs cleaning that not only ensures their longevity, in many cases reverses the clock on years of usage.

Benefits to Regular Area Rug Cleaning and Repair

There are many reasons why it’s smart to regularly clean your area rugs as well as stay on top of small issues like rips and tears. Even having your area rug restored over the years can present untold benefits to you as a homeowner.

1. Restores Original Beauty

The most common benefit to regular area rug repair and cleaning is the improved appearance of the item. Especially if your rug is located in a high-traffic area, it will experience a lot of wear and tear over its lifespan. From your kids’ dirty shoes to your dog’s claws, your area rug is subjected to dirt, germs, and anything else that people bring in on their shoes from outside – not to mention the spills and stains from food and beverages.

All that dirt detracts from the appearance of your rug and lowers its useful lifespan. Why pay to replace a rug sooner than you have to? Instead, stay on top of regular cleaning, make repairs as they happen, and restore the rug when needed.

2. Reduces Allergens

Area rugs can act as a sponge for dust, allergens, and bacteria to settle in. It’s not enough to vacuum; this won’t remove deep-set contaminants from the fibers. The only thing that can achieve that is to get professional area rug cleaning in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thorough cleaning and regular sanitizing will ensure your rug not only remains in pristine condition but will contribute to the health of your family. Dirty rugs that harbor allergens and bacteria can make people sick, especially if you have small children who play and crawl on the floor.  Professionals bring heavy-duty cleaning machines to get the thorough clean that is required.

3. Extends Lifespan

Rugs that are not well cared for won’t last as long as those that are. It’s a simple fact. Take care of your custom area rugs and you will enjoy a long life from them. If you neglect your rugs and don’t get them repaired, cleaned, and restored when needed, you can bet your rug won’t last the test of time.

Of course, the proper attention by a professional is key. If you attempt to clean and repair your own luxury area rug, you could be doing more damage than good. Always hire a pro because they have the many years of experience and training necessary to do a skilled and proper job.

11 Signs Your Area Rug Needs TLC

Here are some things to be on the lookout for that will tell you when it’s time to get your area rug cleaned, repaired, or restored.

Your area rugs need attention when they are:

  1. Visibly dirty with dust, pet hair, and stains.
  2. Stained from spills, accidents, and dirt.
  3. Emitting an unpleasant odor from pet urine, dander, sweat, and food crumbs.
  4. Attracting pests, such as mice, spiders, or ants.
  5. Releasing dust particles and other allergens into the air.
  6. Showing visible footprints or paw prints.
  7. Uncomfortable to walk on due to caked-in dirt or soapy residue.
  8. Starting to wrinkle or sag.
  9. Causing you to have more allergy or asthma attacks.
  10. Showing signs of wear around the fringe.
  11. Torn or worn.

Your luxury rug should last for generations. Here at Roja Rugs, we understand what an investment luxury Oriental rugs are, which is why our experts help you preserve the value of your rugs in any way we can. Rely on our experienced rug experts to repair and clean your luxury rugs by hand, thereby restoring their original condition.

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